• ChargedCharged
  • The DropThe Drop
  • The Real ChampionThe Real Champion
  • BarragedBarraged
  • Casting of the MeteorCasting of the Meteor
  • Jump in the ForestJump in the Forest
  • A ninja appearsA ninja appears
  • Battle factoryBattle factory
  • DroppedDropped
  • Earth shatteringEarth shattering
  • ExplosiveExplosive
  • For justiceFor justice
  • Forest showdownForest showdown
  • Frantic high seas combatFrantic high seas combat
  • Fried berserkerFried berserker
  • Good night for a fightGood night for a fight
  • Moonlight knightMoonlight knight
  • Ninja kickNinja kick
  • Pirate in spacePirate in space
  • Plunder the crownPlunder the crown
  • Punch for justicePunch for justice
  • Ready aim fireReady aim fire
  • ShowdownShowdown
  • Sleep with the fishesSleep with the fishes
  • Take'em out boysTake'em out boys
  • You can't catch meYou can't catch me

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